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Laptop Baseball Statistics software is designed to score baseball games in real time with the minimum of keystrokes. Create lineups, move base runners, score pitch locations simply by using your mouse, no key strokes are required. Pop-ups automatically score plays by sensing the positions of the players.

Playing Field

Scoring includes: Player advancements; pitch count; runner advancements (i.e., balk, steals, passed balls, hit batter); fielding sequence; pitch location; location of hit; type hit; player substitutions; inning scoring; runners on base.
Scoring Ledger

The Ledger Screen catalogs a comprehensive snapshot of each play for one or both teams. Typical pitching and batting metrics are included. Historical ledgers can be recreated for any past game using the Report Generator.
Baseball Explorer

The Baseball Explorer displays teams in league/conference folders similar to your computer's file explorer folder tree. When a particular team is selected, all the games in which that team participated are displayed in the game list window.
Fielding Scoring

Laptop Baseball includes a fielding diagram to drag-n-drop the path of the baseball during play. As you drag the ball to each fielder, it posts the fielder's position (i.e., F6) and draws a red line between fielders handling the ball.
Pitching Stats

Details the location of pitches and reports pitching statistics for basic analysis to compare different pitchers and their performances.
Batting Profiles

Shows individual spray charts for all players with an at bat during a game. It can also be generated from historical data for the entire season.

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